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How Vocal Fry Blasts Your Voice/Singing Into Stardom ?

Vocal Fry Singing

The term ‘Vocal Fry’ has found a place for discussion in the music industry since the middle of 20th century. It is actually a technique that provokes a singer to get into lower pitch when found to be incapable of singing in the original pitch.

It describes the quality of sound that occurs due to the movement of vocal folds. Usually, when a person speaks up, the vocal folds vibrate very quickly in a more open and more closed pattern. During this time, the air passes through. In the case of vocal fry, the vocal folds are condensed and sagged. This causes the folds to close together totally and pop back open with a little jitter as the air comes through.

The popping and jittery effect results in a sizzling or frying sound. The term ‘vocal fry’ is also known by several other terms like glottal fry, laryngealization, pulse register, creaky voice, glottal scrape and strohbass.

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Minimal Damage To Your Vocal Cords

Every singer needs to take care of vocal chords. One of the biggest threats to vocal chords is screaming. However, screaming is something that cannot be avoided if you are into singling metal or rock.

However, some tips, tricks and techniques can help you scream with minimal damage to the chords. One of the safest techniques to scream while singing is known by the term, ‘fry screaming’.

The technique is all about making use of vocal fry method that enables you to control the vibration of your vocal chords. The vocal exhaling should happen with the help of diaphragmatic breathing.

How To Sing Vocal Fry Screaming

  • First, imitate your favorite rock singer and analyze how well you are able to emulate them.
  • Know your voice range.
  • Warm up your voice using 5-note scale.
  • Use your diaphragm correctly. For this, you need to flex your abdominals as if you are ready to take a punch.
  • Push the air from stomach. The more air you push out, the higher will be the pitch of your scream.
  • More importantly, you will need a severe practice for almost 3 months to get the desired fry scream.

Tips And Tricks

  • Your vocal chords need to be well hydrated before you scream and hence drink loads of water before, during and after you scream.
  • Practice, practice and practice. Without practice, you will never get desired result.
  • To prevent vocal damage due to fry scream, warm up your voice before and after you scream.
  • Never cup up the mic as you may sound distorted in recording.
  • Improve your confidence so that you scream better.


If the exercise hurts, trust your body and stop the practice till your vocal cords are again normal. Later, you may again start with easy pitches. Hence, patience is very important.

There are a number of exercises, out of which two of them will be explained below:


  • Using your head voice and sounding quiet whimper, say “oo”. This helps you to visualize the edges of your vocal cords.
  • Position your mouth as if you are whistling and slightly raise your cheek muscles as if you are smiling.
  • Open up your jaw as if it is in a released position.
  • Now try to whimper on pitches that start on G#4. Practice in ascending arpeggio i.e., 5-4-3-2-1
  • Ensure that you sound squeezed, analyze how it feels with continuous practice over and over.


  • Same as above but this time, follow descending arpeggio.


Vocal fry screaming helps to hit higher notes with less effort. Rock music is the best example where vocal fry screaming multiplies the resulting singing sound. It can also help you to blast your performance in metal music.


Vocal fry singing helps you to sing high notes without much effort and at the same time, the resulting sound is super effective. Vocal fry screaming damages your vocal cords minimally.

If the practice hurts your cords, it is better to halt the practice as it may damage your vocal cords in the future, thus blocking your sound. Hence, get trained by a trainer who expertise in teaching the technique after analyzing your body and the vocal capacity.

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