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Tips To Improve Singing Voice Quality

Tips To Improve Singing Voice Quality

In online media there are many tools and tips available which can help you fulfill your dream of achieving a good voice quality. If you are already a singer and struggling to improve the voice quality of your singing then there are many practical exercises that can boost you up.

Do not worry, no matter whatever is the quality of your voice at this point. Things CAN get better! Do not except any magic overnight but with right attitude, time and effort you can see absolute and tremendous shift in your voice quality.

Let us learn how to be a better singer by working on few factors like breathing, posture and strengthening the vocals you can achieve your dream.

Breathe Correct

Singers have to learn breathing correctly. This directly depends on your voice quality. You should be conscious of how you breathe but not over cautious. Breathing will provide optimal energy to your body by proper oxygen supply, it will even keep you relaxed and positive. Improper breathing habits can even lead to unbalanced nervous system.

Breathing exercise is the main foundation while attempting to better the singing skills. As part of this exercise, expand your stomach and kidney areas while you pull in and pull out your breath. In order to do this more effectively, put your hands on the sides of your waist such that the thumbs rest on the back while your palms rest on your hip.

By resting your hands in such a position, you can feel clear inhales and exhales of your breath as your hands too contract and expand during each breath. The main benefit of this exercise is that as you keep practicing, you will be able to achieve better, longer and bigger contractions and expansions.

Correct Posture

Breathing impacts singing so does the Standing posture of the singer. Below mentioned postures are considered to be the best standing postures of a singer

  • The chin should be parallel to the floor.
  • The shoulders should be pulled back and lowered.
  • Chest should be held high and in relaxed position.
  • Abdomen should be flat and firm to expand easily as you inhale and exhale.
  • Hands and Knees should be relaxed, flexible and unlocked.
  • Maintain appropriate gap between your feet and place one foot slightly forward.

Strengthen Your Vocals

When you are in the singing profession or you are a talented singer opportunities may knock at any time. So you should be prepared to grab the opportunity anytime.

In such instances, instant warm up is necessary. Learn how to sing good in 5 minutes by following these exercises which can make you ever ready.



This will help in releasing the tension. As you stretch your mouth and throat the tension hidden in diaphragm and neck will be released. But you might be wondering what if you do not wish to yawn; you can still trigger it by breathing in with your mouth wide open.


A Gentle Cough

Do you believe cough is extremely useful process to stay healthy? Well, here we are talking about gentle cough please. This will lighten your voice by pushing the air out and you will not face any problem using your abdominal muscles and lower chest while singing.



As and when you are free keep humming your favorite tunes or try to learn different tunes by humming. This will help you set the right tone.


Sing Scales

Vocal exercises might sound funny. This can surely give positive effect on your overall practice and exercise. You will always need to start low and increase your scale gradually. Few examples are right here. Sounds like “oo”, “me”,”woo” will help you sing high notes.

Be Relaxed And Be Healthy

Above all, always be cool and relaxed. Take deep breathe. Eat healthy and avoid any substances that are allergic to you and your voice, drink enough water, get enough sleep for around 7 to 9 hours to avoid fatigue.

Avoid shouting, as it can strain your voice. If you are a kid and wondering how to become a singer at age 11, you can always follow the above few tips and accomplish your goal.

How To Become A Singer At Age 11?

How To Become A Singer At Age 11?

11 year old Singing

Before we get into the “How” part of this discussion, let us consider the age characteristics of a kid at 11. In different play groups and schools they are considered as juniors. Physically the kids at this age have boundless energy. He/she is healthy and active. They wish to do some or other creative and adventurous activities. This boundless energy can be brought to use through participation in various activities.

Mentally they have a developing mind matched by a fluent tongue. They like to share ideas, have discussions and ask questions. Their memory power is at its height so is the concentration power. So memorizing a song or solving a problem will interest them. At the same time, they are very sensitive. They admire a person who do something outstanding and likes to become like them.

There are many different careers, but singing is more inspirational and looks cool and easy. That’s why many kids are passionate about singers and singing. Most of the kids have outstanding singers as their role models.

This profession looks very appealing and challenging which suits the mindset of the kids at this age. This is a perfect age to start if anyone is serious about making singing as their dream profession.

The kid should have right attitude about singing, passionate about how to sing, great attention, right perspective and fully inspired at heart. It’s not an easy thing to achieve so they should be brave enough to face the challenges. Remember that you can never become a good singer in 5 minutes/ overnight.

Understand that it’s not always important to become famous. If it’s your real passion you will never worry about getting fame. Get the right talent with right attitude all things will fall in place when they have to.

How To Achieve Your Goal?

Follow few steps on how to achieve your career goal.

  • Pen down your dream and the objective behind it.
  • Think and ask yourself why you wish to become a singer, ensure yourself why you wish to make it as career.
  • Always remember your vision and work towards it.
  • Speak to the experienced and learn ways to accomplish the dream.
  • Start practicing and make it a daily routine.
  • Take help of experienced vocalist and follow the suggestions shared by them.
  • Set short term targets accomplish them and move on to long term targets.
  • Join the vocal training classes. You will get right guidance to tune your voice quality.
  • As you focus on singing, also focus on music classes.
  • Whenever you get a chance try to perform before people, this will improve your confidence and take away stage fear.

As you grow, you may face different challenges such as physical, mental, social and economic challenges. Always take support of your family which can give peace of mind and guidance in difficult situations.

Few things you might want to remember as you grow towards achieving your goal.

Keep Improving

There is never an end to this. Get better every day by following the vocal lessons, practice as much as possible and set new challenges and accomplish it.

This can keep you confident even situations around make you feel low. Practice and work continuously to achieve better singing voice quality.

Learn Breathing Techniques

The first stepping stone to become a better singer is to breathe correctly.

Learn the best breathing exercises to accomplish your dream.

Handle Rejection And Criticism Positively

People may turn you down or they may not like your voice at all, it’s not necessary that everyone should like you.

Take this as stepping stone to rule out the odds and move on.

Never pay attention to destructive criticism. Just handle it cool and walk away.

Be Your Best Always

Competition is always there, however do not lose the sight on your goal and attain patience. To achieve big, dream big and struggle hard. Do not let off any chances to perform, so always be ready. Do not over focus on others opinions which can track you down but work towards your goal. Always smile big, be enthusiastic and be people’s person.