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What To Eat And Drink Before Singing And Foods To Avoid?

What to eat and drink before singing and foods to avoid

Your diet habits can play a major impact on your singing. Food that you eat or drink before and/or after singing can even affect your voice and mental condition. Know your body right and try to avoid food that can damage your voice and consume the food that can help your singing.

Proper Diet and Exercise

Below are few things that can give negative impact on your singing.

  • Alcohol, cool drinks and Sodas: Consuming alcohol can swell your blood vessels. When blood vessels are swollen, there are increased chances of hemorrhaging your vocal cords as the blood thins out and arrives closer to the surface. Intake of alcohol can dehydrate your body and you will need plenty of water, it will also reduce coordination in your vocal muscles. While sodas can create gas inside your stomach, cool drinks will end you up with sore throat. This will affect your singing by creating breathing problems.
  • Smoking/Gutka: Smoke using cigarettes, hookahs, or consuming gutka can cause inflammation of your throat tissues and damage your vocal chords. It damages the voice pipe, lessens your concentration power by affecting the brain. Long term consumption can permanently damage your voice and singing ability.
  • Caffeine And Dairy Products: Caffeine initiates dehydration in your body very quickly like alcohol. Your throat dry faster than normal and make you sound hoarse while singing. If you really cannot avoid coffee, try decaf instead of filtered coffee. Dairy products like chocolates, milk, cheese, butter thickens the mucous which blocks the airway, this will affect in producing sound from your vocal chords.
  • Spicy Foods: This kind of food can cause irritation in the throat and lead to discomfort.
  • Allergic Food: Avoid foods that can cause you allergy.
  • Citrus Fruits: Fruits with more C vitamin can dry the throat.
  • Ice Cold Food: Need to avoid these food items as they constrict the throat.

Food that can leave good impact on your singing:

  • Plenty Of Water And Salt Water Gargling: Intake more and more water daily. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water which is around 2 liters per day. This will keep your vocal cords healthy, toned and hydrated.
  • Hot Or Warm Tea Green Tea: You can avoid caffeine by getting used to Green tea. The anti-bacterial properties in the tea leaves can heal or even prevent sore throat. You can consume hot or warm tea according to your interest.
  • Honey And Lemon: Resident microbes in the throat will induce infection. Honey and lemon has anti-microbial properties which kill these germs in your throat and sooth your vocal cords and also avoid sore throat. Honey also acts as a good source to invigorate your emotional singing.
  • Leafy Vegetables: Swelling and inflammation of throat can be reduced by good consumption of green leafy vegetables. It will also improve your immunity system and maintain healthy strong voice.

When To Eat Before Singing?

Some of the tips to becoming a better singer by observing when to eat meals before the performance:

  • Do not sing on an empty stomach.
  • Do not sing on full stomach as diaphragm movement will be hindered and you will face difficulty in breathing.
  • Do not eat only moments before the event, as it will cause throat clearing and you might burp, during the performance.
  • Do not perform when you're starving as you might growl during the event. You will also need more energy and stay vibrant during performance.
  • Do not Skip a meal beforehand. This can hinder your voice and also cause headache, fatigue and nausea.
  • Eat normal balanced meal about an hour or two before singing; this will give ample chance to your digestive system to work.
  • Eat non-heavy foods that are easy to digest. Heavy foods can make you sleepy and create confusion.

Follow Diet – Enjoy Performance

Strict and careful diet is very important for singers. Ice cold food will constrict your throat while hot ones will loosen it. Dairy products will increase the mucous in your throat and nose while singing. So, follow proper diet to enjoy amazing performance while singing.

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