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Is It Possible To Sing Without Lessons?

singing without lessons

All of us have different dreams; we see the movie artist and think what a big deal to act. Everything seems easy and achievable from far, unless we are in the same shoe. However, nothing is impossible for people who have right attitude and who do right practice towards achieving any life goal. Same theory applies in singing. Many people desire to be singers as it gives peace and happiness to one’s body and soul.

Few are born singers and can sing without lessons, but to become famous and renowned singers it takes lot of hard work and practice and also need to learn lessons and tips from experts to be on the right track or achieve set goals in singing.

If you are the one who want to sing better but are in a position that you cannot shed money for these lessons, you can look for online free lessons. You might wonder if you can get expert following those lessons – certainly not, but you can be counted for your efforts. They can help you improve from present position. Advanced techniques can take you to professional level.

When you are determined to achieve your dream, many factors have to be considered. You need to draw a plan for yourself to accomplish it if you want to work on your own.

Practice, Practice, Proper Practice

You need to practice, the more you practice every day, the more better you become. If you neglect to practice, you will lose interest. Make note of the progress, as your practice daily. Try to overcome the mistakes done in the last practice also remember the areas you did well and build it on.

In irregular practice, you always had to start from first as you forget what you did better and what not. Regular practice will also give confidence and determination to achieve in spite of many troubles. Make singing your routine and you will feel comfortable whenever any opportunity knocks you.

Remember that proper practice can only give productive outcome. Practice is much needed for strengthening your vocal cords, breathe and your body. Don’t ever hit the stage without proper practice.

What To Practice?

Again you will get more proper guidance on this in professional trainings. But let us deal with few things here. By now you might have identified that breathe control, standing posture, strengthening your vocals, your diet are few most prominent areas of focus for singers.

Breathing exercise is the main foundation while attempting to better the singing skills. This directly depends on your voice quality. The main benefit of this exercise is that as you keep practicing, you will be able to achieve better, longer and bigger contractions and expansions.

Your standing posture helps in good inhalation and exhalation of air and helps you feel relaxed. Strengthening your vocals will help in releasing the tension. This will lighten your voice by pushing the air out and you will not face any problem in using your abdominal muscles and lower chest while singing. Focus on voice quality, tone, high and low notes by humming, practicing on regular time period daily.

Above all take care of the following:

  • Be cool and relaxed.
  • Take deep breath.
  • Eat healthy by avoiding any substances that are allergic to you and your voice
  • Drink enough water
  • Get enough sleep for around 7 to 9 hours to avoid fatigue.
  • Avoid shouting, as it can strain your voice.
  • Warm up to free your voice before any performance.

Hear Your Voice And Analyze

As you are practicing on your own and no one is around to correct or comment you need to record your voice and analyze your singing. If you do not like what you hear practice, correct and do it again till you get the best.

Analyze the voice and decide if it’s sharp, strong or flat and improve as needed. Take any song where your voice is comfortable, sing along and then record your voice while singing identify the weak areas and overcome them in next recording. This technique will improve your singing voice.

As you improve over this you can answer your own question on how to become a good singer.

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