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How To Sing With Distortion - Hyper Glottal Compression

Singing With Distortion

Distortion is the twist or alteration from the original nature of sound or image or object or audio wave. It alters the sound of the harmonic track.

Why Distortion?

Understand why you wish to change something from its natural way. If you still wish to achieve it, do it step by step, which might take even months. You will need a real proper technique, complete ability to apply the concept and learn distortion. Otherwise you will end up losing your singing career.

Distortion Techniques

Open Throat Voice

If you ever noticed, our throat acts as one musical instrument by releasing different sounds, they have built in technique to produce or optimize resonance.

Similarly we need to train our vocal chords for singing.

The air we breathe in causes the vocal cords to vibrate and gets amplified in the vocal tract.

The singer needs to adjust the throat voice quality.

Air Management

If you over use the air while singing, you will easily dry out the cords giving chance to inflammation. This can be very painful and can cause infection in your vocal chords, which is very dangerous for a singer.

Unless we take due care of this situation you will end up with hoarseness in your voice, and eventually nodes.

So as mentioned many a times breathe management is very crucial. If you can tackle this you can improve your singing voice in a week

Degrees Of Distortion Or Grit

When air is forced to pass through a constriction or a narrow space the air pressure is released in small rapid puffs so that the air is compressed and released in periodic waves.

Similarly, all vocal sounds come from some degree of compression; the same compression technique applies to all styles of singing. The air will pass through the vocal tract, but we cannot hear any sound if there is no compression.

With different levels of vocal compressions, different shades or textures created in the singing, this brings variety in the singing.

Rock and metal styles vocal techniques need more energy to create the sound; they use hyper glottal compression to produce such high sound.

Compression and air flow work together

A balance between air flow and glottal resistance can be created if we increase the amount of air pressure along with the amount of vocal-fold closure.

Depending on the degree of ‘compression’, the voice will be breathy, thin or weak. If there is too much compression, we get squeezed or tight sound.

Balance between these two elements makes you good at distortion.

You can start practicing to successfully achieve glottal compression after you accomplish open throat, clean tone and air management.

How To Follow Distortion Techniques?

To distort your voice, your voice needs to mature in stage wise. If you wish to distort your voice through fast track process, then it proves to be a severe damage to your vocal cords. You can build sound safely and successfully only after practicing the techniques for more than 6 months. The stages start from basic methods like “smokey” harmonic distortion and thereby, increase to other levels which add further heaviness to the sound.

It is very essential for every singer to maintain proper vocal health. For this, a singer needs to practice vocal exercises by making use of clean tone in order to put back flexibility, liveliness and moisture in the cords.

A long gap or break up in the workouts will lead to stiffness in the cords which in turn results in a helplessness situation where the singer needs to sing only with a distorted voice all the time. In order to maintain good hydration for your cords, you need to drink plenty of filtered water at room temperature and completely avoid alcohol.

Move Smart!

Kids who think how can I get better at singing? should not try distortion at this stage as it affects your vocal chords. If you wish to get better in singing, learn yourself first. Try and overcome things which can cause negative impact on your singing. Practice daily, eat healthy, think healthy. Kids who wish to become a singer at age 11 should go for training with good vocal trainers.

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