Product Reviews - Singorama & Superior Singing Method

Singorama and Superior Singing Method are the two most effective singing online courses that are in great demand in the music industry today. Beginner to advanced singers tends to confuse to opt one among both of these products as both of them have great features included.

Singorama Product Overview


It is a completely downloadable singing course prepared for singers ranging from beginner to advanced level. The package includes software, e-books and audio trainings which are as professional as those received from a private coach.

The highly quality content is organized prudently with 28 interactive singing modules that help you groom into a better singer. Singorama has strong faith in their system and at the same time expects high level of commitment from their customers as the course demands expending several hours for practicing.

Singorama guarantees results within 8 weeks or else you can claim for 100% money back guarantee offer without any queries.

Superior Singing Method Product Overview

Just like Singorama, Superior Singing Method too is an online voice training program that guarantees improved singing within 8 weeks.

The product was created by one of the great singing coach, Aaron Anastasi. The course includes 8 modules and 2 bonus modules along with 4 supplementary bonus courses.

The exercises are completely downloadable and you can carry them wherever you go. The vocal courses are unique and professional.

You would be needed to give a high commitment of time and dedication for learning the course.

Just like Singorama, Superior Singing Method too offers 100% Money Back policy if you do not like the product.

Comparing Features


  • Guarantees results in 8 weeks
  • Downloadable course size of 1 GB that includes software, e-books and audio trainings
  • 28 interactive singing modules
  • Develop chest and head voice
  • Singorama Mini Recording Studio
  • Music theory game (Jayde Musica Pro and Metronome Application)
  • Perfect your pitch, a tool that helps in developing proper pitch
  • Sing-a-long singing lessons
  • 3 professionally recorded songs
  • Exercises to warmup and strengthen voice
  • Tips to avoid bad habits
  • How to sing with band, different genres of music
  • Different singing styles
  • 100% money back guarantee offer

Superior Singing Method

  • Guarantees results in 8 weeks
  • Downloadable course that includes e-books and over 50 training videos
  • 8 modules, 2 bonus modules, 4 supplementary bonus courses
  • Superior High Notes, a tool with combination of talent and techniques to develop skills for singing high notes
  • Vocal Health
  • Vibrato
  • Access to website
  • Vocal exercises for both male and female singers
  • 31 dynamic training exercises
  • Regular singing exercise procedures
  • Methods to improve vocal agility
  • Resonance and singing with powell
  • Master vocal tone and improve pitch
  • 100% money back guarantee offer

What People Feel About These Products?

If you can give a quick look at the reviews shared by genuine customers of these products, most of your queries will surely be answered. Both the products are designed after a sincere and effective research and yielded results for many singers. However, if you can analyze the reviews in depth, you may come to a conclusion that superior singing method is said to have more extensive features and clear instructions that help you a lot in bettering your singing skills.

According to Annie Lynda, one of the evolving singers in the United States feels that Superior Singing Method offered her more in terms of resonance and vocal strengthening which was not much helpful when tried through Singorama.

Annie Lynda

Another customer of Singorama, Lewis David states that the content offered was not much helpful for an intermediate singer who needs much more helpful tips on developing vibrato.

Lewis David

One of the customers, Esther feels that Singorama doesn’t justify its price with the content it offers to its customers. She feels that Superior Singing Method offers even more features at a better price.


All the above reviews support Superior Singing Method. However, there is one more customer, Samuel Peterson, who is an advanced singer and feels that Singorama is the best for beginners who would like to enter the singing industry. According to him, Singorama can teach all the basics perfectly that a beginner requires.


At the end, it is the customers who need to decide which one is much better for them. Everyone knows the amount of inner talent in them and hence should go through the features in each of them thoroughly before going ahead. If you feel that you want to learn something unique and extra, Superior Singing Method might be right for you.

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