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Is it possible to become a good singer in 5 minutes/overnight?

Is it possible to become a good singer in 5 minutes/overnight?

As you started singing and made a reasonable growth, you might be struggling thinking of how to sing better? Many factors ranging from basic to complex play a critical role in improving the singing ability of a person.

The most important nature that a passionate singer should comprise of is the habit of continuous and never ending practice. No one is perfect in art but can excel in it by rigorous practicing. Apart from that, a singer should also work on food, diet and exercises in order to achieve better singing voice quality.

It is evident that these are not the solutions for overnight results but interest towards the art will automatically bend you towards these practices.

What Are The Tricks For Instant Results?

Nobody can become a singer overnight as it is an art that needs rigorous practice. However, you can sound better instantly while singing if you can follow few simple steps. Let’s discuss about the best five of them:

Open Mouth As Wide As You Can

This is an immediate solution to sound better. If you open your mouth big and wide, you can sound good while singing. This is because you will be able to pronounce all the sounds clearly.

If you do not open your mouth wide, the outcome of the sound would appear like a mumbling or muffled type. Let’s take an example of an instrument like trumpet which has a really wide and round exit through which the sound departs in an effective and remarkable manner.

Similarly, a singer too should open the mouth to its fullest size to send off the complete sound from the mouth.

Be Confident

Your confidence matters a lot while singing. The more confident you are, the more you will sound better while singing. When a singer is confident while singing, the same would reflect in the voice too.

Hence, the performance would include a lot of breath support while holding your notes. When you are not confident, you would be scared to sing a note. This will in turn result in panic and destroy your voice quality.

Forget about who is around you or who is judging you. Stop comparing yourself with others and remember that they too were once like you before they were experts. Just concentrate on the song and think that you are singing alone in your home and that no one is watching you. This helps you to sound better in no time.

Look Confident

This is an extension to the above discussed point. Sounding confident alone is not enough. You should also appear confident.

Your standing posture, your concentration on the song, your body language while performing on the stage will give a fee to the audience that you are confident about what you are doing.

The moment you look confident, the listeners believe that you sound superior. This is actually a mind game but this trick really makes a lot of difference. So act confident and that adds a pro to your sound quality.

Avoid Wrong Diet

Forget about dairy products and cool ice creams or drinks before you sing. If you do so then your throat and nose will be filled up with thick mucus and this would block your voice. You may end up with cracked voice that might not sound pretty.

Warm Up Your Voice Muscles

This technique plays a critical role to result in better sound quality. Just a few minutes of warm up for the muscles that exist around your voice box would help you to reach high notes without much difficulty. So, do not hit the stage before you do some simple warm up exercises.

Be Smart – Sound Great

Expertise in singing involves a lot of hard work. However, if you forget to follow simple tricks, then we wonder if you can even improve your singing voice in a week either.

Hence, know the best tricks and add an instant effect to your singing voice. For kids who wish to make their career in singing and want to become a better singer at 11 – one simple tip is learning to breathe correctly.

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