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Strengthening Your Head Voice To Improve Your Singing

Head Voice Singing

Different structures inside your body produce different resonance. As you sing, the kind of voice produced depends on the body part your voice is in maximum resonance with. To gain full vocal potential, one needs to develop a strong and clear head voice.

Different Voice Categories

  • Chest Voice
  • Head Voice
  • Mixed Voice

Chest Voice

Normally we sing with chest voice. Most of the sound vibrations are felt around the lower neck and chest area. This is the voice most people use during regular speaking. You can also feel the vibrations while speaking by putting your hands at the center of your chest.

Head Voice

If we read the definition, head voice is one of the high registers of the voice in singing and even speaking. This voice is higher than the chest voice. The vibrations are felt in upper half of their face. It means most amount of resonance is happening in the sinuses as compared to any other parts of the body. To sing the real high notes of the song, head voice is necessary.

Mixed Voice

Mixed voice is the blend of chest and head voice. A singing vocalist can notice most of the vibrations around the lower half of the face, chin, and upper neck. In this scenario, the vocal structure is in maximum resonance. Again, this doesn’t imply that remaining structures aren’t vibrating. Their chest and sinuses also contribute, but to a much lower degree.

Importance Of Voices

We normally sing without chest voice and have a tendency to spend little or no time exercising our head voice. As our head voice uses different vocal co-ordinations, we must use different co-ordinations and exercise to train.

When singers neglect to develop their head voice, they forgo the ability to have a clear and powerful mixed voice. The mixed voice needs something to release into, and if there is no head voice present, singers are forced to thicken up their cords and try to produce more tone with their chest voice.

This inevitably causes the singer to use too much vocal compression or to pull up too much chest voice. Either way, the tone comes out lifeless and unpleasant. Once the head voice is strong and secure, singers can begin the shift and blend the two registers with power and presence.

How To Sing Better?

To overcome breathy and thin voice, one needs to strengthen the head voice. Let us learn what makes you sing better high notes.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Be patient till you discover what you need, as it might take little more time for some people.

How To Discover Head Voice?

“Lip rolls” or “Lip trill”

It is the easiest way to find your head voice. Lip roll will help you develop complete cord closure by sealing the air. Cord closure will help the vocal cords come together; otherwise lot of air you send to produce the sound goes unused by producing airy and weak sound.

Vocal Compression Exercise

This is another way to access your head voice. This brings more energy into your head voice and helps you differentiate head voice and falsetto. To take the heavy vocal weight off the vocal cords and shift the tonal resonance towards the head, practice these exercises - “ooh”, “wee”, “quo”, and “pwee”. Practicing these sounds on arpeggio, octave, double octave and mixed octave scales help you build strength, flexibility and agility for the head voice.

Practice All The Voices

It’s very important to develop the head voice to improve your singing voice quality; otherwise we might forgo the ability to combine the head and chest voice to produce the mixed voice. So singers should not neglect this vital part in their vocal training. It’s relatively simple to find your head voice with proper practice and technique.

Remember that your head voice will be weak or too low to recognize and often misunderstood for falsetto, however as you practice for few weeks, you will be able to differentiate between the head voice and falsetto.

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